Embracing conscious gifting while empowering underserved communities.

Gifting has been a social event for time immemorial. How can we make this centuries-old practice more conscious?

Gifting, although imperative, over years has become transactional for a larger section of society. The advent of cheap imports has made this event more impersonal and less thoughtful. Thus, gifts no longer have the emotional impact they once did. Every time a purpose-driven consumer sets out to look for a meaningful gift, at best, they have to wade through a sea of junk before finding one. In most cases, they have to settle for a compromise.

The Good Gift is here to solve this problem - making gifting conscious and convenient at the same time. 

We bring you a thoughtfully curated range of home & living, children & lifestyle products. All handcrafted by women from underserved communities, using 100% natural materials that are ethically sourced from within the region. Thereby minimizing its carbon footprint.

Each gift box comes with a maker card to introduce you to the artisan who made the product. The entire box and its contents are biodegradable. A thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved one.

Gifts that are good for you, good for your loved ones. 
Good for the maker and good for the planet.

In 2018, Sunita and Suhas moved to the Nilgiris, a.k.a blue mountains in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. As they started a life away from the city and corporate structures, they noticed that the rural & indigenous communities around them struggled with unstable livelihoods. Their efforts towards finding a sustainable solution to this problem gave birth to Indian Yards Foundation (Agai IY Foundation). This has now evolved into a social enterprise ecosystem that  empowers these communities towards socio-economic well-being with craft and commerce. 

To learn more about the Indian Yards Foundation and see how we empower women from these communities into becoming first-generation artisans,
click here.

For this ecosystem to become truly sustainable, the artisans need access to a reliable market resource. One which could provide consistent orders and market insights. Which in turn circles back to profitable product development. A resource that could connect them to a relevant customer base and transfer the maximum value generated, back to the artisans. This gave birth to The Good Gift (Macramedecor Craft Pvt Ltd).

The Good Gift is a key component of this enabling ecosystem. The means by which the artisans can earn an equitable income. A key element to eventually turning aspiring artisans into entrepreneurs, helping them earn more than just an income.


To spread joy by binding humans to humanity through the process of handcrafting.

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